Whether you have a leaking roof, damaged roof, or are in need of a complete roof replacement, our team at Pechacek General Contracting can partner with you in completing your roofing project. Since 2002, our experienced contractors have been providing quality roofing in Stillwater, MN, as well as many other cities in the area.
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Determining If Repair or a Replacement Is Needed with Inspection

Pechacek General Contracting knows there is a big cost difference between a complete roof replacement and most roof repairs. Our inspection team examines your roof completely and can make recommendations to save you money and headache. Contact us today to schedule your inspection.

Signs You May Need a New Roof

    • Unexpected spike on your energy bill: If your roof is not doing its job, it may show on your monthly energy bill
    • Missing, curled, or cracked shingles: Whether you have found shingles in your yard after a windstorm or you have noticed your shingles are curling up at the edges, it may be the time to replace them
    • Water leakage in the attic: Check your attic space after a heavy rainstorm or icy weather to spot any signs of water leakage
    • Dark areas of the roof: You may notice dirty looking blotches or dark areas on your roof. These could be the signs of decay
    • Mold or mildew stains on the interior wall: Mold and mildew can begin to grow on the interior walls if there is a significant problem